The Unity Summit

March 31st – April 1, 2016


The Constitution and its Bill of Rights are the foundation of the American Republic. Today, the political leaders of our country are working to change and in some cases eliminate the liberties guaranteed by these revered documents. The Unity Summit, a national conference for pastors and church leaders, educators, lawyers, Government leaders, businessmen and women, media, and interested citizens, will inform and educate attendees by bringing together a diverse group of speakers including experienced attorneys and scholars to discuss how American citizens’ First, Second, and Seventh Amendment rights are being threatened.

Current political leaders have blamed the liberties enshrined in the Bill of Rights for the dramatic negative changes in society that have occurred during the last decade. Their solution, it seems, is to pass legislation changing or even eliminating liberties in order to “fix” the American people. Thus, the right of free speech and free exercise of religion, the right to own and bear arms, and the right to a civil trial by jury all are being undermined by government officials and special interest groups intent on being politically correct rather than adhering to the Constitution. It is important for all Americans – lawyers, legislators, and interested citizens alike – to stay informed on these issues that affect our daily lives.